I am a life explorer, my work is to explore all that it is to be human, to help us understand what limits us, what scares us, what liberates us, what feeds us and ultimately, how can we be all that we can and help others to be so too.

My website - Nikdavis.com is an exploration of life in order to move our thinking, our actions and ourselves forward.

It is a combination of many facets - spirituality, philosophy, real life experiences, ground breaking research, a deep understanding of change at a personal and organisational level and an endless curiosity about life and all that it has to offer.

nikdavis.com is the on-going dissertation of a life long student - that being me. It covers a variety of topics based on where I am in my life, what I am learning and what I can share in the belief that it can help others.

Right now I am exploring better ways to navigate death, to live more meaningful lives, to improve how we experience the menopause, how we can support our mental health better and how to create more joy, purpose and creativity in organisations.

My website is ultamitely an on-line version of me and is an invitation to other life explorers, to join the conversation, to consider new perspectives, to challenge the status quo, to embrace change and to help others to do so too, to have the difficult conversations, to do the real work we need to do in order to understand ourselves and therefore others and to be all that we can be, by living life with our eyes, hearts and minds wide open.

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Nik Davis

Nik has a mission - to be brave, challenge the norm and tell it how it is. To share her failings and challenges, to help manage this mad thing called life.